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Celebrating 75 years in business, the KETT Tool Company is a leading US producer of quality, specialty power tools for professional contractors, builders and manufacturers. KETT Tool currently produces a line of Electric and Pneumatic Portable Power Saws, Shears and Nibblers to cut a wide range of sheet materials, plastics and laminates used in many different applications and markets.

Formed in 1940 as a manufacturer of specialty wood boring tools, KETT saw this program interrupted during World War II when all of its production facilities were channeled toward the war effort. Working with the Armed forces and with aircraft manufacturers, KETT engineers developed a line of drilling and cutting tools for aircraft maintenance. After the war the design of the line was expanded to produce specialty tools for general industrial as well as aircraft use. In 1970, KETT Tool purchased the shear line of WPB out of Racine, Wisconsin and in 1996, purchased the Fenway Nibbler line. KETT has a broad range of dealers covering all 50 state. KETT Tool - making the cut for 75 years.