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Rivet|MRO is a Marketing Resource Organization with industrial-strength experience... our marketing agency is devoted exclusively to serving independent industrial distributors. We help you grow by providing strategic marketing advice and guidance—along with the creative & executional resources you need to drive meaningful results. Our services include:

Co|optimizer: our co-op maximizer program. We help you find co-op funds and then provide the professional marketing resource with which to put them to use to grow your business!
Distributor Analytics: Strategic analytic marketing services that give you the power of insight and the ability to manage your business on facts instead of hunches.
• Creative marketing services like video production, brochures & catalogs, sales promotions, web marketing and more
Distributor Social: our low-cost/high-impact syndicated social media solution for independent industrial distributors
Promotional Products: From wearables to drinkware & tools to tech gadgets, if you can put a logo on it, we have it!
Fractional CMO Services: For organizations that need senior-level marketing experience, insights and guidance; let us act as your Chief Marketing Officer on a fractional basis.
Online/Tele-Consulting Packages: In addition to our Fractional CMO Services, Rivet|MRO offers Ultra-Fractional CMO Services in the form of these short-term consulting packages. We can connect via telephone, Skype or WebEx. Or, if you want to visit our offices, that is always an option. Pick the industrial consultancy services package that suits your needs today!

We've worked with some of the biggest and most-trusted brands in the US—industrial and otherwise—and have helped them prosper. While we only serve industrial clients, we bring big-league consumer marketing experience and perspectives to the table that will help you secure your place.

Our consulting team has more than 30 years' experience developing marketing solutions for big brands and industrial distributors. Rivet|MRO gives small-to-mid-sized industrial distributors access to Fortune 200 thought leadership and know-how. We've been where you want to go—and we can tilt the playing field in your favor!

We do all the work. You grow your business!

Contact us today to learn more!.