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For 80 years now, thanks to the loyal and steady support of customers like you, Erie Tool & Supply has been a distributor of specialized abrasives and cutting tools; focusing on high quality tooling for production applications. Founded in 1935 by Bert Stine, selling files, drills and taps to his former employer, Willy's Jeep, he opened a storefront on Huron Street in downtown Toledo. Over the years, the business evolved first into a general line or mill supply house and then into a specialized cutting tool and stamping supply distributor when Dick Seeman and his brothers-in-law purchased the firm in 1956.

And in time ... a midwestern institution
As Erie Tool's role in the grinding industry evolved, abrasives became a key product line, particularly with the addition of Norton Co's product line in the 1970s.
While serving the manufacturing concerns in northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan, a particular specialization in grinding applications came to the fore.
Now Erie Tool boasts of the largest grinding wheel inventory in the region. Have a look around here.
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