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DYNAMO is a comprehensive ERP Business Management solution for growing distributors. Comprehensive, yet simple and easy to use, with the features that you demand. Whether it is speeding up warehouse
operations with barcode scanners, automating emailing of customer invoices, providing online access to your customers, importing or exporting your data, fully integrated secure credit card processing, or eCommerce integration, DYNAMO is like the Prego spaghetti sauce: "It's in there".

DYNAMO works best in the cloud, but runs just as well on your in-house server. With no up-front costs, no contract, rapid onboarding, and low monthly cost, DYNAMO is a great fit for companies that have put off upgrading their legacy solution for just too long.

Whether you have one location or a dozen, DYNAMO can help you manage them all, with convenient access to all of the information that you need each day. Give us a call today, so we can learn more about your unique business needs, personalize a product tour, and see how Excellware can help you reach your goals.

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