Haimer Power Clamp Comfort NG

Haimer Power Clamp Comfort NG from Haimer USA

134 E. Hill St. Villa Park, IL 60181

Company Profile
The Haimer Power Clamp Comfort New Generation shrink fit machine is the fastest shrink machine in the industry for shrinking tool holders. It is the only machine in the industry that features an adjustable “intelligent coil”. This coil features the ability to adjust the length according to the gage length of the tool holders for optimal heating. It also has an “automatic” function that allows the user to operate the machine in a simple way in order to avoid the over-heating of tools. The Haimer Power Clamp Comfort New Generation machine can shrink from 1/8” tools to 1 ¼ ” tools with one heating coil – for both carbide and high speed steel cutting tools. This machine is the most common selling inductive machine that Haimer offers, but it is one of over 15 different machine that Haimer offers in the market in order to meet all price points and applications. Haimer is also the industrial leader in the production of shrink fit tool holders, extensions, balancing machines, collet chucks and 3-dimensional edge-finders.


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