Haimer Safe-Lock Clamping System and Power Mill End Mills

Haimer Safe-Lock Clamping System and Power Mill End Mills from Haimer USA

134 E. Hill St. Villa Park, IL 60181

Company Profile
The HAIMER Safe-Lock Clamping System has revolutionized the manufacturing industry by providing reliable pullout protection that withstands even the toughest materials. The Safe-Lock principle works like this: Spiral-shaped grooves integrate into corresponding carbide drive pins in the tool holder, uniting frictional clamping force and positive locking. This considerably increases cutting depths and feed rates and doubles metal removal rates. Additionally, this unique design provides the best runout accuracy, decreasing tool wear significantly. Available in a variety of sizes, tapers, and clamping systems.

Our HAIMER Power Mill End Mills have integrated Safe-Lock shanks for optional use with the Safe-Lock tool holding technology. Its variable helix design provides vibration-free machining and a runout accuracy <0.0002” for ultimate precision. Our Power Mill end mills are fine balanced, so you are also guaranteed consistent and repeatable performance and maximum metal removal rates. Available in inch and metric.


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